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Hair extensions

Today, many women around the world use hair extensions. Whether it’s to make it easier to do your hair, add some volume or length to your hair and to help you create an interesting and playful hairstyles. It is important for us that you know, that hair extensions are not instead of your natural hair, but as a natural and complementary part to its look and design. Our approach is that hair extensions are an essential style item for all intents and purposes. Those extensions give us the ability to add uniqueness, individuality as well as a creative note to the naturally given and existing hair as each person is unique. Therefore, in order to achieve the exact, natural and perfect look, it is important for us first and foremost, to hear from the customer the story of her hair. To understand the difficulties, to examine the existing situation, and comprehend the desires. From there we can give the complete solution for a perfect hair.


The advantages of our hair extensions

Our hair extensions are one of a kind. Not only are they known in Israel and around the world for their amazing quality, they are also imported exclusively for us. What makes them even more unique is the fact that out hair extensions do not go under any chemical process which means your are buying 100 % real healthy hair that looks and feels pure and natural. Our hair extensions are individually and carefully selected for each client. Our extensions come adjusted and effective for a variety of methods. Our studio is specialized in the so called “weaving method” which is highly recommended for various benefits preserving each clients natural hair without causing any damage.

This method is done by sewing the hair extensions into sew in braid. The whole process is handmade and no chemicals or adhesive are added during the process. Due to this, this method is ideal for those who wish to keep their natural hair healthy and to avoid any change in it texture or looks. 

In comparison to other methods that are known, this is the most natural and beneficial way to keep your hair healthy and still be able to achieve the look you always desired. 

Our hair extensions are especially picked for every client, considering her neutral hair for achieving the perfect result.